About DMSM

Institute has started a new diploma Program namely Diploma in Marketing and sales Management from the current academic year 2017-18. The specially designed training program is meant for upgrading the skill and knowledge of middle level officers (PBORs) of defense forces Army, Air force and Navy. This diploma program is of three months duration and sponsored by Director General Resettlement (DGR), ministry of defense, Government of India, New Delhi. DGR, New Delhi has allotted 05 such diploma courses to this Institute during current academic year.


The program is divided into two semester covering 4 subjects in each semester. Total subject to be tough in both semester are eight. They are Strategic Management, Marketing Management, Marketing Research, Computer and E- Commerce, Sales Management, Brand Management, International Marketing, Rural Marketing, Consumer Behavior and Customer Relationship Management. The programme also consists of project study, observation study tour and viva-voce. Students are kept busy in preparing assignments, internal exam and final term exam in each subject. Afterward of Diploma participants are expected to take up civil job or engage in business activities after that are released from active defense service. The first diploma started on 19th June 2017 with 33 students, second Diploma was commenced on 31st July 2017 and total participants joined were 22. .

Future programmes:

Name of the Diploma

Starting Date

Ending Date



23rd October, 2017

12th January, 2018



16th November, 2017

26th January,2018



4th December, 2017

23rd February, 2018



5th February 2018

27th April, 2018