Welcome to URICM

Udaybhansinhji Regional Institute of Cooperative Management is one of the five Regional Institutes of Co-operative Management in the country, administered by the NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR CO-OPERATIVE TRAINING, training wing of National Co-operative Union of India (NCUI), New Delhi. 

The mission of this Institute is to facilitate in building cadres of professional managers to hold key position in ever growing numbers of cooperatives in the State through organization of Management Development Programs, Training, Research & Consultancy, Seminar, Workshop, etc.

  • Life @URICM: In the end, its about the teaching, and what I always loved about coaching was the practices and involvement. Dealing with each students during PGDM-ABM was what coaching was all about to me from URICM. Be different, do something different………

    • Milan Dhaduk

  • Tired of being Ignored? Then raise your voice, put yourself upfront for the world to see. Don’t wait on it to happen. Make it happen. Be a difference, do something different………

    • Jigna Patel

  • The Sky, where I got chance to fly Straight away in the sky without any boundaries to test myself in my field

    • Ketan Chaudhari

  • There are certain things in the world those can not be proved , but they exist, like magic, God and a life changing Institute called URICM

    • Amarish Day